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Join us at HOPE Physical Therapy & Wellness on Wednesdays in 2023. Enroll in our Slow Flow Yoga Class at 5:30 pm with this link:


(You will need to create an account before you can actually book and pay for your first yoga session at HOPE!)

For only $15 enjoy a relaxing evening of yoga in a beautiful, boutique, small group setting.

Yoga Styles Definitions:

SLOW FLOW YOGA – Similar to a Vinyasa Flow, this class will focus on slow, mindful movement connected with the breath. Poses will be held longer to invite both a deeper stretch to the muscles, and also a deeper connection to the energetic experience.

Class sequences may vary from week to week, but each class will begin and end with a period of relaxation. The goal is to move away from the busy, fast pace of our lives and unplug for an hour of time devoted 100% to you.

GENTLE YOGA – This will be a practice of minimal effort, and maximum ease. Practitioners will be guided through a series of intentional poses to create awareness in the body and calm the mind. Movement is linked with the breath, and modifications will be encouraged and supported. This is an all levels class, ideal for beginners. Students should easily be able to come from a seated and/or reclined position up to standing.

Use this class to optimize your range of motion, and surrender, restore, and rejuvenate your mind and body. Take the time to sit quietly and listen to your body, connecting back to yourself.


** These classes are appropriate for anyone of any age, shape, or size and are ideal for beginners. Students should easily be able to come from a seated and/or reclined position up to standing. **


Meet your instructor:

Tina Huelle

Tina discovered yoga in 2014 after attending a class at a local gym. She was drawn to the union of both the mental and physical health that yoga offered, and went on to earn her yoga teacher certification through the Colorado School of Yoga, and is trained in Integrated Vinyasa.
She believes that yoga is a practice for everyone, and she enjoys crafting thoughtful and playful classes that aim to leave students feeling rejuvenated and reconnected to their most authentic selves. Tina’s approach to teaching is free-spirited and fun, and her priority is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for every person in the room.
Off the mat, Tina is a busy mom of four humans, two dogs, and one cat. She enjoys reading, traveling, and spending as much time as possible in nature and on the water.


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