Tech Neck!

Tech Neck!

Tech Neck! It’s a term describing the forward head position we spend too long in while we are on our phones, iPads, laptops, e-readers…our spine was not made for this position and it creates many problems for the brain, joints, muscles, and nerves. We are seeing adults and even kids at a younger age these days in PT due to the negative effects of Tech Neck. One of our PT’s, Chera Hope, is finishing a certification in Ergonomics (how the human body interacts with man made objects). What she has learned will blow your mind! Come in and get your free consultation and let’s talk about how you can avoid Tech Neck and prevent things like neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, thumb pain from texting, dizziness, burning fatigued muscles and more! Look for fb tips we will post weekly on steps you can take to prevent dysfunction and pain.

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