Dolphin Neurostimulation, or Microcurrent Point Stimulation: What Is It?

Dolphin Neurostimulation, or Microcurrent Point Stimulation: What Is It?
Dolphin Neurostimulation, or Microcurrent Point Stimulation: What Is It?

One of the great things about the physical therapists at HOPE Physical Therapy is that we are all
constantly learning new techniques and trying new ideas to better improve our patients’ outcomes. A tool that we use, that is not very well known, is what we call the “dolphins”. We use these devices to target neurological points with MPS, which stands for microcurrent point stimulation. If you have had this treatment done, you have probably asked “what exactly is this anyway?”. Or, if you are looking for an “out of the box” treatment, this review may be just for you!

Dolphin Neurostimulation are handheld tools that use concentrated micro-impulses to neurological points, commonly referred to as “acupuncture points”. The idea is that these points will relax muscles, calm the nervous system, and release endorphins. We often treat people who are in chronic pain. With long-lasting pain, the body upregulates itself and stays in a “fight or flight” mode. This causes muscles to be “hypertonic” and hypersensitive.

There are several reasons we utilize Dolphin-MPS here at HOPE. For scars, we use the devices to “repolarize” the scar to release fascia and muscles that have been trapped by the scar tissue. For nerve impingement, we use the Dolphins to relax the spinal muscles and release the nerve. To realign the spine, we use the devices to relax spinal and hip muscles to release the vertebrae and sacrum. Sometimes, we target points on your hands and feet which are associated with acupuncture pain relieving points; this can create an almost immediate sense of calming.

Some treatment sessions could be solely focused on using Dolphin-Neurostim, while other times this is used in conjunction with other modalities and manual techniques. Hopefully, this gives a better understanding of what it is exactly that these units do. If you are interested in further information, the website for Dolphin MPS is listed below. If you are interested in seeking treatment using these units, we do offer free consultations where we can go over and discuss treatment options with you. Please give us a call at 719-466-6800.

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