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Join us for yoga classes, every Monday night at 6:00!

Flow with our instructor, Morgan, as she leads a gentle hatha flow to practice strength, stability, flexibility, and focus. All levels are welcome! Please bring your own mat. Each class is $10, and your 5th class is free! Help us build a supportive yoga community, right here at HOPE Physical Therapy & Wellness.

Why yoga? Yoga comes from a Sanskirt word meaning to yoke or to unite. In yoga class you will learn how to unite your breath with your movement as one. Yoga is practiced around the globe to enhance physical and mental well-being. It is proven to help alleviate stress and anxiety by learning how to quiet and calm the mind. Physically, the poses are used to aid rehabilitation as well as challenge the body to increase strength and flexibility. By working toward flexibility, you are helping your body avoid injury and increase healing time. So do you have to be able to do a split or a handstand to take this class? Do you need to be able to balance on one foot for eternity? Absolutely not! Yoga is called a “practice” for a reason. Come as you are! Together, we will practice working toward a better version of ourselves, mentally and physically.

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