Wellness Program


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Our Wellness Program focuses on preventing pain and dysfunction before it affects your life.  One on one 45 minute restorative sessions with a Physical Therapist who customizes your program based on your health concerns and focus.

Personalized home program with updates

Postural assessment and correction

Breathing pattern training for relaxation and stress relief

Preventive and holistic treatment for joint and muscle dysfunction and pain

Choose one topic to start, typically 3 to 6 sessions per topic

  • Muscle Health
  • Ergonomics at Work and Home
  • Core Health and Stability
  • Ocular Neurology/Computer Vision Syndrome
  • Pelvic Health (for men and women)
  • Pre and Post Baby Rehab
  • Sports Performance
  • Spine Protection
  • Balance/Fall Prevention
  • Scar Release
  • Neck Pain and Headache Prevention
  • TMJ (jaw) Pain Prevention
  • Joint Health and Motion


Let our experts guide you toward optimal health!

Monthly memberships are only $79.99 and Include:

  • One 45 minute private session per month with a physical therapist
  • Additional visits within the same month are only $75.00 (a savings of $10)
  • VIP discount Card with our partners
    • Save 10% on your purchase at Relax the Back
    • Save 15% on your hydration packages at Elevation Hydration

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