Home Exercise Program at HOPE PT & Wellness

Most of the time, clients that come to HOPE Physical Therapy & Wellness will be given homework or a Home Exercise Program (HEP).  Many people often ask why it is important for them to do their HEP consistently.  There are several reasons why a Home Exercise Program is beneficial and why you should take your “homework” seriously.

Improves Mobility and Endurance:  Doing exercises at home continues the progress amid in the clinic by increasing flexibility and stamina.

Improves Muscle Memory:  Doing a HEP improved patient function and muscle memory so that the patient gains progress, rather than lose it, between visits.

Improves Progress in PT:  A patient that is compliant with their HEP is more likely to succeed in the one-on-one sessions in the clinic and have fewer setbacks.

Decrease Frequency of Visits:  A Home Exercise Program can help a patient remain functional, even after discharge from physical therapy.

The goal of providing a Home Exercise Program is to help the patient heal more efficiently.  At HOPE Physical Therapy & Wellness, a physical therapist may print copies of exercises or utilize a digital version that can be accessed from a mobile device.  If you have questions about your HEP and how it contributes to your recovery, please talk to your physical therapist.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists, please contact us at 719-466-6800.

Written by:  Karli Rikli, MSPT

Customized by Sean Stennett