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We are not your typical Physical Therapy clinic. You will not find a gym full of people exercising. Our atmosphere is calming and restorative. We are a Wellness Center that treats holistically. Our treatments are one on one with a Physical Therapist, and we take our time with your care. We use hands-on manual therapy techniques to help restore dysfunctional muscles and stiff joints to help alleviate pain. We emphasize education, good postural alignment, and will set up a home program for you.

We offer a free 15-minute consultation with a Physical Therapist to discuss how physical therapy can help. Call today to make your appointment. (719) 466-6800

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Services we offer:


Trigger Point Dry Needling: Dry Needling uses thin, acupuncture-type needles which are inserted into muscle tissues, specifically into the trigger points (muscle knots), which stimulate the muscle in a way that helps to relieve tension and reduce pain. This is performed by a highly trained myofascial trigger point therapist.

Pelvic Floor Health: Physical Therapy is a highly effective and conservative treatment for certain types of abdominal and pelvic pain, pelvic muscular dysfunction (weakness or tightness), sexual dysfunction, fecal, and urinary problems in men and women.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) : Does the world spin if you roll over in bed? Are you dizzy when walking through the grocery store scanning the shelves? Vestibular rehabilitation assessment may be what you need. A physical therapist will assess the cause of your dizziness whether it originates in the inner ear (BPPV), or if your neck is contributing (cervicogenic), or some other cause, and create a customized plan for treatment. Call today to learn more about our vestibular rehabilitation treatment.

Manual Therapy: Manual therapy is a broad category that encompasses many different hands-on techniques.  This can include manually working the soft tissue structures, mobilizing joints, trigger point release, and so much more.  Manual therapy is a great way to help restricted areas of the body to move better and feel better.

Ocular Neuro Rehabilitation (Computer Vision Syndrome): Many jobs require prolonged computer time which causes a strain on our eyes. Many children spend prolonged time staring at screens as well, at school and at home. Research shows this can cause eye fatigue and pain, dry, red eyes, eye strain that can even trigger headaches, vision changes, neck or back pain from posture stress, dizziness, and difficulty looking between near and far. We have a special program to help with all of these problems!

Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS): Dolphin Neurostim units are applied to acupuncture points throughout the body to relieve pain, release scars (even old ones), calm the nervous system, and much more. This treatment is quick and pain-free!

Scar Release Treatment: We specialize in scar release treatment, for new and old scars! Using a specially developed HOPE protocol, we work to release layers of adhesions a scar can leave, that can cause pain or interfere with blood flow, compress nerves and also affect the muscles and fascia. Scars can even cause pain and dysfunction in other areas of the body far from the scar. You will notice differences in scar texture and mobility from the first visit! Types of scars
we commonly treat include C-sections, dermatology skin lesion removal, trauma, surgical scars, tattoos, plastic surgery scars such as breast augmentation or implant removal, tummy tucks, facelifts, etc.

Muscle Energy Technique: These gentle techniques directly mobilize joints by using the muscles attached to the joint to influence the joint position and restore normal joint position and mechanics. We use these pain-free techniques often in the pelvis, neck, and back.

Cupping and IASTM (Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization): These techniques mobilize layers of soft tissue to release tension and tightness in specific areas. Cupping involves plastic or silicone cups applied with suction over the tight area, and sometimes we move them around to treat larger areas. Blood flow immediately increases to these areas and usually a feeling of release of tightness occurs right away. IASTM uses instruments to move along the skin and improve the mobility of the skin and tissue underneath.

Primal Reflex Release Technique: These are specific techniques that include tapping or a quick gentle stretch to a muscle or tendon to induce relaxation and softening of tight muscles. 

Craniofacial and TMJ Treatment: Through manual therapy techniques, dry needling, and microcurrent neurostimulation protocols, we can treat jaw and facial pain. We do a comprehensive examination to figure out what is driving the pain and dysfunction so we can get to the root of the problem. Often, upper neck restrictions and postural distortions can feed into jaw and facial pain.

Kinesio Taping: Kinesio Taping is a technique that uses stretchy athletic tape (often seen worn by Olympic and professional athletes) to help aid the body in many ways.  It can help reduce pain, reduce swelling, and help you stay active while dealing with injuries.

Foot and Ankle Treatment: Plantar fasciitis, tight foot and ankle joints affecting walking and balance, ankle sprains, post-surgical pain or tightness, we treat it all. We use manual therapy, orthotics if needed, exercises, shoe recommendations, and balance training to address foot and ankle dysfunction and pain.

Sole Orthotics with Custom Fitting: We carry SOLE semi-rigid, hear moldable SOLE orthotics and you can leave wearing them the same day! They add extra cushion to each step and can help support and give positive nerve input to the bottoms of your feet to help with foot pain and plantar fasciitis. Sometimes SOLE orthotics help with pain all the way up to your neck and head, just by changing the input to your feet.

Neck and Headache Treatment: Forward head posture, muscle tightness or weakness, working on a computer, looking down at a new baby, and stress, are just a few things that can drive neck pain or headaches. We work to uncover all of the pain drivers for lasting pain relief!

Treatment of pain or dysfunction of any joint or muscle: Joints can lose their normal mobility and rhythms from aging, disease, inflammation, over-use, under-use, and injuries. Changes to normal joint mechanics can cause bone wear and tear, cartilage thinning, and ligament and muscle change around the joint, which can be painful. Manual therapy and dry needling can improve joint and muscle function in one treatment!

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation: Physical therapy can help speed your recovery no matter what kind of operation you’ve had and can help improve movement and range of motion in the part of the body where you’ve had surgery. PT can also help to strengthen your muscles, reduce pain, and teach and improve how to do daily activities.

Postural Education: How we sit, stand, and move can all play a large role in pain. At HOPE PT we assess posture and provide feedback on ways to correct it in order to decrease strain on the body, which can also help to decrease pain.

Home Exercise ProgramsA home exercise program may be prescribed by your physical therapist to help facilitate the rehabilitation process.  These are exercises that can easily be done at home and may include stretches, strengthening activities, balance exercises, or other things to help you return to your goals.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation: Vagal nerve stimulation using Microcurrent is a gentle and relaxing treatment that can help with gastric upset, anxiety, stress, sleep, chronic pain, and more!

Back pain relief: HOPE Physical Therapy & Wellness can help alleviate back pain. First and foremost, a physical therapist will try to determine what kind of back pain you’re dealing with.  Depending on the condition, determines what treatment will work best.  Manual therapy, such as mobilizing the spine,  stretches and stabilization exercises may be prescribed.  Other treatments that may help back pain include our “dolphin units” or micro point current stimulation and dry needling.

Nutritional Coaching: Our certified nutrition coach can create customized nutrition plans for optimal daily food intake to meet your goals of weight loss, healthy weight maintenance, or weight gain. Often we know generally what to eat, but our nutritionist can help you focus on sustainable healthy nutrition habits that are measurable and achievable wherever you’re at in this season of life. Our clinic also offers body composition tracking with bioelectric impedance analysis to track your progress with muscle mass, body fat, and bone density. While nutrition is the greatest determining factor of body weight, we can also address your exercise plans for optimal results! Questions about macros, fasting, or gut health? We got you covered! Accountability is a huge factor for nutrition success, let us journey with you!

Yoga: What makes HOPE Yoga Studio different? We are located in a beautiful boutique yoga studio inside of HOPE Physical Therapy & Wellness. Our class sizes are small and limited to 10 participants, so our yoga instructor can keep a close eye on everyone and make adjustments or recommendations if anyone is having trouble with a certain pose or stretch. Our vision is to bring our community in to help everyone reach their health and fitness goals wherever they are! We want you to live your best life.

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