About Sue

My formal training is a Master’s in Nursing and Board Certification as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner since 1998. Much of my recent career has been flying sick infants into Denver for care. What does managing sick babies have to do with health coaching?… you wonder… Well, I was thrown into the world of chronic pain a few years ago, with peripheral neuropathy, vertigo and myalgia…basically my body hurts! All the time honored solutions people would suggest, such as exercise and massage, just made me feel worse. As I battled between despair and hope, my faith in God led me to the First Place 4 Health bible study series. I needed to balance my life and get some HOPE!

At the same time, Chera was envisioning her physical therapy practice and we talked about how the health industry is full of quick fixes, such as detox programs, supplements or fad diets. It is long lasting behavioral change that really can help weight management, chronic pain and life satisfaction.  Some of this comes through realizing what makes you feel bad and what makes you feel good! Easier said than done sometime! I was gaining a foothold in to my wellness- improving my diet, starting to exercise, taming the frenzy in my mind… but, how could my nursing knowledge help others? I completed a certificate in functional nutrition course and then attended Wellcoaches training and found a vehicle for helping others have joyful hope: creating at a vision of wellness, making purposeful action toward that vision and staying positive and not losing heart!

What I like most about Wellcoaching is that ideas on how to change your life come from YOU! It’s not advice or telling you what to do …I just help you formulate realistic goals and give you tools to reach those goals. It’s taking your values and beliefs and adding some knowledge to change your life and to endure what life throws at you (or your body)! It’s not complicated, expensive or time-consuming. It addresses obstacles to your restoration and helps you be diligent in satisfying your dreams of health and joy. It is running the race set before you and knowing you are not alone on your journey! It is HOPE!

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