Hopeful Soul

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Welcome to the Power of Hope!

Are you feeling discouraged about your health and wellness? What words would you use to describe how you feel: mind,
body, soul and spirit? Unstressed, fit, optimistic and energized?

What hinders us from achieving these goals for our health? Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we face physical pain, emotional frenzy and discouragement from not “feeling well”.

How can coaching help?

You can have renewed hope and renewed strength when someone with deep empathy and presence accompanies you on your journey to wellness.

A Wellness coach helps develop a personal wellness plan and gives you support, accountability and motivation as you set a course and begin purposeful action.

Hopeful Soul Wellness Coaching focuses on balance in 4 areas that are highly interconnected:

  • Mind: Staying positive, mental focus, de-cluttering your thoughts
  • Heart: Emotional stability, peace, joy and resilience
  • Soul: Spiritual beliefs and values, Relational supports
  • Strength: Physical energy, nutrition, restful sleep and exercise

Chronic pain and illness can influence your ability to stay on course. Hopeful Soul can also help empower you in formulating questions for your physician, navigating the internet, and developing behaviors for medication adherence. Using the Hope Tracker, you can see what makes you feel better (or worse). This is an important part of linking your mind to future behavior.

The ultimate goal is to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes and realize your wellness goals.


Health/Wellness coaching is not intended to diagnose medical conditions, to substitute for the advice of your physician, or to alter the treatment plans or therapeutic goals/recommendations of your personal physician.


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