Giving Back

We are a mission-driven wellness center. Our vision is to help people feel their best and enjoy life to the fullest. We also desire to reach beyond the walls of our clinic to make a difference. These are the charities we support:

Casa de Luz Orphanage, Dominican Republic 

Casa de Luz Orphanage (Spanish for “House of Light”) located in the Dominican Republic on the outskirts of the capital city, is an orphanage that cares for children with disabilities. This refuge is run by a Dominican pastor and his wife, Lucas and Tempura. After seeing the need within their community of disabled children that were not receiving adequate care in their own homes due to lack of resources and money, they opened Casa de Luz . The orphanage has survived with the support of donations. Recently, the Dominican government has stepped in to provide some relief, donating food provisions and, for the first time, a physician to oversee the medical care of the children. There are still many needs. Our vision is to help finish and supply equipment for the physical therapy room and support the salary of a Physical Therapist that would give the children regular therapy. The children spend most of their day in bed or in various chairs or donated wheelchairs, with minimal sensory stimulation or use of their muscles. We would love to help provide a room with swings, mats, therapy balls, sensory toys, and a Physical Therapist to go with it!

You can help us by visiting All Children, Inc. to make an impact on these children’s lives,

Hope & Home, Colorado Springs 

Hope & Home is a nondenominational Christian charity that trains and actively supports foster families. They provide a stable and nurturing home for children that have been removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect. Children are placed with foster families until it’s safe to go home again, or if safety isn’t a possibility, they are given a “forever home” through adoption. Our vision is to offer support so they have the resources to train both foster and adoptive families.

Visit their website and donate to their organization today:



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If you are interested in giving back with HOPE please reach out to us. We will be in contact with you within 24 hours!


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